Kid Called Computer

Kid Called Computer is the brainchild of producer/musician Toriano Terrell. The name originally was simply meant to serve as the title of a solo project Terrell was working on in early 2000, but after the release of that album, and his relocating to Chicago in late 2001, the title ended up becoming his moniker. A name he could use to dodge all of the former hip hop credits he was most known for in Kansas City, and make his own his own unique sound, one worthy of it's own genre - a name free of expectations. Kid Called Computer (KCC) was born out of necessity.


In the mid-90s, the former rapper/producer was also the front man of a hardcore band, Rocco, a role that left a stain on his psyche and provided him a different approach to create his new voice. KCC has since produced for Kansas City heavyweights like Mac Lethal and Ces Cru (who recently signed to Tech N9ne's label Strange Music, and released their label debut "Constant Energy Struggles") from the early days of their careers, as well as local KC hip hop acts like The Guild (of which he became the fourth member) and his own group, 5th District. KCC was just getting warmed up when tragedy struck. After the death of a close friend, he locked himself inside of his two-bedroom apartment and started working on a project that not only helped him deal with his loss, but gave him a way to reconnect with more "musical" roots. The album "A Kid Called Computer" was heavily drenched in subbed-out bass, ethereal guitar riffs, and vocal samples from every record he could get his hands on. When he finally emerged with his finished project in hand, things were different. He had changed and was now looking for a location to match. He packed his bags and headed to Chicago before the first review of his album had even been released. There was no looking back. 


Since 2003, KCC has been producing with Equalibrum (the producer behind rapper Intuition), with whom he did remixes for bands like Stars and Metric. He continued his unique version of boom bap with rapper Mac Lethal, with stand out tracks "Speak Low" and "Cover My Tracks", and was simultaneously gearing up to make waves with budding Seattle rapper, Sadistik. The two had worked together previously on Sad's solo debut The Balancing Act. In 2010 they teamed up to create a highly conceptual album, The Art Of Dying, an EP filled with influences ranging from early 70's progressive rock, bass heavy hip hop, and spaced out guitars and keys reminiscent of old psychedelic rock. Upon it's release in August 2010, KCC and Sadistik received high accolades from hip hop heads to metal fans worldwide, as well as a warm reception from indie hip hop veterans Sage Francis and Eyedea. It would seem that Kid Called Computer had finally found his voice. Not bad for a kid from the middle of the map. 


Things are continuing to grow for Kid Called Computer. He is currently hard at work on several projects including one with Equalibrum entitled "NoizeMedium." They also have another project, which dives into their backgrounds of electronic music and post-rock, as well as their mutual love for indie rock and ambient textures. The single from this project, "In The Beginning", is now available on iTunes. KCC is also scoring a film for his close friend and mixed media artist, Esteban del Valle. The film, Viable Option, is in the final stages of editing. Also in the works are two solo projects: an EP which is still untitled, and the long awaited, full length follow-up to the 2001 release that started it all, "De Las Maquinas", releasing later this year. There are also rumors that he is back in the lab with his good friend Sadistik, who recently signed to the CT indie label Fake Four and released his new solo effort "Flowers For My Father," on which KCC produced the opening track "Petrichor."  


Although he has been doing this for quite some time, Kid Called Computer has really only just arrived and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The future looks bright for this man of many hats. Whether it's behind the boards recording or mixing, or behind the camera capturing obscure imagery and behind-the-scenes work to accompany his long list of projects in the works, KCC refuses to rest. The man takes his time, but he also proves that everything he does is well worth the wait. Seems there is much to look forward to from this genre blending, spotlight dodging savant. It also looks as if he won't be able to dodge that spotlight for much longer. 


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