A couple of videos of my dear friend Esteban delValle painting and promoting one of his latest projects titled "Chulyen & The Giant." I have always been inspired by his work, and often find that it bleeds into my own. I provided the music in each video. 



The closing track, The Rabbithole, from Sadistik's new album Ultraviolet out today on Fake Four Records. Sad and I had the idea of starting the song with that feeling of uncertainty. That feeling you have right before you kind of lose control of everything. Then the song travels to the place where you are completely in your head, yet totally out of your mind. Like having a panic attack. After all of that, the dust starts to settle, and you feel drained, and in some way kind of at peace. Spiraling down  the Rabbithole. Being lost, and just letting it happen. One of my favorite songs I have ever done with Sad hands down. We gave it a real 80's vibe as well (which the album kind of has that general tone to it). Terra Lopez (of Sister Crayon) fits perfectly. Almost like another instrument drifting around the sounds building up to the loss of control. She is also one of my favorite female vocalists at the moment. Also, being that it's Sadistik and KCC, we couldn't accomplish all of this without the song being 7 minutes long. Haha. Enjoy!




It's no secret that myself and Equalibrum have a fond love of recordings from the 70s. The sound then was so raw and pure. Psychedelic rock recordings were always so huge sounding and had a beautiful movement to them. They just "felt" the music they were playing, and it came through in even the roughest of recordings. 

Well, this song is our nod to that era. It's a journey. One that weaves in and out of genres. It pays no attention to rules or traditions. It's a song that just simply "is." As producers, we are most noted for our hip hop work, but we both have musical backgrounds that include playing in bands, producing electronica, DJ'ing, etc. All of this bleeds through on this track.
This song will be featured on our Noize Medium album, but you can download it now for free here. Enjoy the journey.





Just got a fresh batch of t-shirts in and they look (and feel) incredible! There is a standard short sleeve, but we also have limited and special edition 3/4 sleeve baseball tees in classic (as well as rare) colorways. Get them while you can, because once they're gone that's it. Click the image to purchase.





In the early 2000s, a good friend of mine Mac Lethal unknowingly did something that would change my life in many ways when he introduced me to Equalibrum. We found we had tons of similar interests, as well as similar backgrounds in life and in music, down to the way we approach both. We immediately began working together via the web, and most of it really never saw the light of day. Until now. With our new album in the works, we decided to make some of our favorite collaborations readily available. My good friend and fellow Kansas City native Matthew Naquin is the creative genius behind the design. It's going to be nice to finally be able to share these in one package for all of you who have been tuning in. The album will be available as a free download soon! Stay tuned. 





This is the opening track I produced for Sadistik's new record Flowers For My Father Be sure to pick it up! Fake Four is really pushing quality material and making themselves a force to be reckoned with. 





"In The Beginning" by myself and Equalibrum from our upcoming album. A pretty good look into the direction we have taken our sound together. With both of us having strong roots in indie and electronic music, you can get a feel of where we wanted to take this project. This track shines and really takes on a life of it's own. Enjoy!





The instrumentals from Sadistik and I's 2010 release The Art Of Dying. Stop by my Bandcamp to pick them up. 





One of my favorite tracks I have ever done with my homie, Mac Lethal